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Meg Glesener of Letters from Home

Sep 17, 2020

Meg Glesener is a mom of eight and the host of the Letters From Home podcast. Today, Meg shares how she discovered podcasting, overcoming the technology hurdles, and why podcasting is the ministry God has for her. Her story reminds us that being faithful is just as important as being great! Get moving and God will do the rest.

Listen to Meg's story, now!

Stories Meg shared:

  • How she found the name for her podcast
  • Discovering podcasting and how it inspired her
  • Figuring out the podcasting technology 
  • How her family helps with the podcast
  • The value of knowing your why for podcasting
  • How her show gives your faith a boost
  • Meg's favorite episodes of her show
  • Growing in confidence that God is with her
  • Learning to honor God through sharing stories
  • How podcasting has changed her
  • Her best advice for new podcasters

Great quotes from Meg:

These are stories that inspire me. I thought, "If they inspire me, maybe they will inspire someone else."

I feel the privilege of it every time I start the interview.

I think the Holy Spirit leads in the moment.

Podcasting is a ministry God has raised up for me.

If you know this is what God wants for you, all the rest will make sense.

Resources we mentioned:


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